The event scheduled for October 10, 2021 is postponed to a later date.
What I am will be updated when the time comes.

Die Anmeldung der Mannschaften erfolgt mit einem Excelformular. So können wir Euch gegebenenfalls über Änderungen informieren. Hier könnt Ihr auch Bemerkungen machen, die für die Organisatoren wichtig sind.

Falls Sie eine Übernachtung benötigen, wenden Sie sich bitte an:
l'office de tourisme de Mulhouse

Haben Sie Fragen zur Regatta? Bitte wenden Sie sich an

Owing to the current sanitary conditions in France , access restrictions should be enforced and you must be able to show for check a health pass . This pass is requested for all participants beyond 12 years.  Registration to the Half marathon of Alsace implies that on the day of the event , you will have available for check a valid health pass . Non availability of a valid health pass will trigger immediate exclusion of the race without possibility to claim registration fees refund. ( details about the health pass are available here )    

Image and recording authorization

By registering to the Half Marathon of Alsace  , you grant CD68 Aviron irrevocable and free of charges rights to capture pictures and videotapes of the registered participants and to use them for communication, publicity purposes by any means, method or media ( print or electronic)